How to level up soldiers and choose their abilities in XCOM 2?


How to level up soldiers and choose their abilities in XCOM 2?

April 12, 2023 12:35 AM
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Leveling up soldiers in XCOM 2 is crucial to their success in combat. Soldiers gain experience points (XP) for participating in missions, and once they accumulate enough XP, they will level up.

To choose their abilities, you need to select a specific soldier from your barracks and click on the "Promote" button. This will take you to the soldier's skill tree, where you can choose their abilities.

In XCOM 2, each soldier has a unique skill tree that includes four different classes: Ranger, Grenadier, Spe******t, and Sharpshooter. Each class has its own set of abilities and strengths, so it's important to choose the right class for each soldier.

When a soldier is promoted, they will receive a new ability that you can choose from a list of available options. You can only choose one ability per promotion, so it's important to consider each option carefully.

In addition to choosing abilities, you can also customize your soldiers' appearance, including their name, gender, and nationality. This can help to make them more memorable and give them a personal touch.

Overall, leveling up soldiers and choosing their abilities is a key part of XCOM 2 gameplay, and it's essential to make sure your soldiers are properly equipped for battle.

April 26, 2023 9:15 PM